Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini basic leopard romper, beige

tencel / lyocell
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  • Mini rodini basic collection of the body is soft and breathable, lyocel fabric. Snaps on shoulder and crotch for easy donning. Basic collection of size information is printed directly on the fabric so that the garment would not have itchy tags.

    Material: 95% lyocel, 5% elastane

    Country Of Manufacture: Lithuania

  • Mini Rodini is a Swedish Cassandra Rhodinin based children's clothing brand. Mark's goal is to design and manufacture such clothes that support children's creativity and to suit their nature.

    Mini Rodini are cornerstones of ecology and ethics. More than 99% marks collection made from ecologically sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, or other recycled materials. Ecology has been taken into account also product packaging which are biodegradable plastic.

  • Tencel (former Lyocell) natural material, which can be a responsible forest industry cellulose. Material production also requires less energy than the traditional viscose manufacture and use 10-20 times less water than cotton.

    It is a fibre very similar to the viscose. Tencelistä clothes made of are durable, breathable and keep its shape well. Tencel also does not wrinkle easily and it is beautifully land. It is naturally antibacterial and feels soft against the skin.