Veja sneakers for children - respecting the environment and people

Cool Veja sneakers are made of e.g. recycled cotton, natural rubber, vegetable tanned leather, low-chrome leather and recycled plastic bottles. Sneakers do not contain toxins or chemicals that are harmful to the environment and are not used in the manufacture of sneakers. The shoes are available in sizes from toddlers to school age.

Veja is a company whose idea of establishing and the entire operating model is based on responsibility and fair production. The production cost of one pair of Veja sneakers is about 5 times higher than the production of large brands. This is because Veja adheres to the principles of fair trade, uses organic cotton and other environmentally friendly materials in its production, and because a fair wage is paid for the entire production chain from raw materials to production. For example, in 2017, Veja paid on average twice the market price for organic cotton - directly to the producer without intermediaries. Veja does not use money for marketing, but for fair production.

Veja's production process is as transparent as possible for customers. Veja also constantly develops its operations - respecting the environment and people. The sneakers are designed in France and are made ethically and professionally in Brazil.

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