Sustainable outerwear for children

When choosing children's outdoor clothing, it is good to pay special attention to the practicality and quality of the clothing. It is also worth considering the breathability, waterproofness and duration of wear of the outer garment. In this category you will find a diverse selection of children's outerwear for winter, spring, summer and autumn games.

We think it’s great that many brands have also started to think about how to reduce the amount of chemicals used in children’s outdoor clothing and, more generally, the burden on the environment throughout the production chain.

Of course, chemicals are needed in all types of textile products - from the production of raw materials to dyeing, printing prints and coating materials, etc. But especially in children's outdoor clothing, chemicals may be used considerably, as much more is required for outdoor clothing than for indoor wear. That is why we want to raise this issue and bring more and more children's outdoor clothing into our selection, that seek to avoid toxins and processes that are harmful to the environment, animals and our health. This is our contribution to supporting ecological and ethical children's clothing production.