Nature- inspired, ethical and organic clothes for children

The Simple Folk is a minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic, and high-comfort play clothes that are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses, so they can support your children for years to come.

The collections consist of versatile, timeless pieces that are soft, practical, pattern-free, made with non-toxic fabrics and dyes, and created in an environmentally and socially conscious way.

The Simple Folk takes a stand against conventional farming practices that pollute our planet and our well-being. Each of the garments are made using thoughtfully-selected GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and dyes, giving parents the peace of mind that every fabric, button, and dye we use is clean and toxin-free.

The Simple Folk clothes are made in a factory in Portugal, this is GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX® certified, and runs on green energy. Well water is recycled, power is generated by solar panels, and sustainability is prioritized at every turn.