Mini Rodini – ethical and ecological

Mini Rodini is a children’s clothing brand founded by Swedish Cassandra Rhodini. The design of the brand highlights a child’s imagination, playfulness and an open mind for opportunities. The goal is to design and produce clothing that supports children’s creativity and corresponds to their character and mood.

Mini Rodini invests in sustainable clothing production, and the cornerstones of the brand include being ecological and ethical, besides creating playful and creative collections. Over 99% of the brand’s collections are made ecologically from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester or other recycled materials. Also, the packaging of the products is made from biodegradable plastic. Mini Rodini also has a comprehensive Living Wage -program, that guarantees that the employees making their products receive a fair salary that is enough for living. Read about the Living Wage-program.

From our Mini Rodini selection you can find almost the brand’s entire collection – the season’s newest prints and fits, the popular Pico jackets and -overalls in multiple colors, and also the easy and simple basic-collection.

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