Timeless and unique clothing for children

Little Creative Factory is a Spanish brand headquartered in Barcelona. The cornerstone of the brand’s design is timeless and unique children’s clothing that reflects childhood innocence and playfulness. Cristina Fernandez, the founder of the brand, is an architect by profession, and this is very strongly reflected in the collections of the brand. Cristina applies her knowledge of architecture to her design, experimenting with different proportions to create layered, beautifully designed, timeless and unique garments. Her collections are full of romance, personality and soul. Cristina gets her inspiration from tradition, poetry, movies, history, family. Her work is guided by a desire to find out. That’s why Cristina always strives to add some kind of innovation to each of her new collections, for example by using new technologies or fabrics.

Little Creative Factory clothing creates an experience and feeling that goes beyond the mere concept of dressing. Utilising traditional craftsmanship from around the world will be honoured as Little Creative Factory plays with shapes, proportions, layering, and natural materials.

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