Bugaboo Cameleon3+ accessories

Bugaboo has a wide range of accessories that work in everyday life and save some nerves! Customize the strollers to suit summer and winter.

Mug holders, thermal bags/footmuffs, travel bags, care bags

Bugaboo has a wide range of useful stroller accessories designed specifically for these strollers. In the winter, you save the hassle of dressing up and keep your baby in a warm down high performance heat bag, on the trip the stroller stays protected in a Bugaboo suitcase, the seat stays clean when you protect it with a washable seat cover, and drinks go conveniently in a mug holder.

Delivery time for Bugaboo subscription products is normally about 2-3 weeks. You should also ask about the products found in our storage. You can also order all Bugaboo spare parts through us - contact us by phone or email!