Slow factory for everyday luxury

Have you ever noticed how happy a child is when he is allowed to wear similar clothes to his mother or father? Colchik’s philosophy is that the family’s “shared wardrobe” promotes deep family ties and creates shared values and lifestyles. Clothes can be a strong magical connection between people!

Laura Moustacakis, a Franco-German designer and mother of three, founded the brand in 2016. From the beginning, she created the company as a family business because it was the only way to imagine her life - work and family as a whole.

Clothing designs, planning and prototypes are handmade in Colchick’s office in Potsdam, Germany. The clothes are made in Poland in a family-owned workshop. Colchik has also opted for a slower way to produce its collections. "Slow manufacturing" means that instead of a fast production process, they prefer to spend time creating quality products while also focusing on respect for people and nature. They know all the people involved in producing the collection and that is especially important to them.

Colchik uses only Oeko Tex-certified cotton fabrics - ensuring that the clothes do not contain chemicals or other substances that could harm health or the environment.

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