Bugaboo Bee5 accessories

Bugaboo has a wide range of accessories that are useful for everyday life! Adapt your stroller to work in both winter and summer conditions.

Cup holders, foot muffs, travel bags, care bags

Bugaboo has a wide range of stroller accessories designed for Bugaboo Bee5. During the winter, you can keep your baby warm in a high performance foot muff, while traveling, your stroller remains unharmed in a Bugaboo suitcase, the seat stays clean, when you cover it up with a washable seat liner, your drink travels easily with you in a cup holder, and your belongings in a Bugaboo organiser bag.

Bugaboo ordering time is normally around 2-3 weeks, if the item is not in our stock. Be sure to ask for store availability before ordering. You can also order all Bugaboo spare parts from us - contact us via phone or email!