Make moving easy!

Babyzen YOYO2 travel strollers are designed to go anywhere. The useful stroller is easily opened and closed, enabling the stroller to be transported like a handbag.

Move where ever you want - go for a coffee, jump on a bus or cab, fly to another country. Babyzen YOYO2 travel strollers are designed to move everywhere. The stroller can be easily folded into a small space and therefore can be taken onto a plane as hand luggage (the measurements can differ between flight companies).

The renewed YOYO2 model holds a new, strengthened chassis, an improved suspension in all four wheels, as well as a faux leather covering on the handle. The new model is more comfortable to use, but at the same time as light and compact as the previous one. YOYO2 strollers are compatible with all the same accessories as the YOYO+ strollers. 

Handy one-handed opening and closing. For all the situations where you don't have the option to place you baby down, whether it's going up the stairs or placing the stroller in the car. All you do is fold you YOYO2 stroller with one hand and hold your baby safely with the other. When folded, you can even carry the stroller on your shoulder with the strap, leaving both your arms free.

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